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Belgian Bibliography
Monthly publication
The publications deposited at the Legal Deposit Library are published monthly in the Belgian Bibliography.
The following publications are listed:
  • Publications published in Belgium
  • Publications of Belgian authors published abroad
- March 2018
- February 2018
- January 2018
- December 2017
- Novembre 2017
- October 2017
- September 2017
- August 2017
- July 2017
- Juni 2017
- May 2017
- April 2017


The E-deposit contains electronic publications (monographs, journals, …) published by commercial publishers, companies, associations, public services, universities, international official organisations, private persons, ...

  • Deposit
    The electronic publications are deposited by the publishers and are listed in a temporary database. Once accepted, the publications are transfered in a final database. Only the Royal Library can modify the bibliographic description or remove the document. The publisher is notified by email whether a publication is accepted or refused.

    Instructions for the publishers depositors.

  • Access
    The E-Deposit search engine gives access to the deposited publications and to a few digitized collections of the Royal Library.
    The electronic publications are only available at the Royal Library.